Summer Hacks You’ll Love Working On

33 Amazing Summer Hacks That Will Make Your Summer Easier

Looking for some summer hacks that will make the warmer days a breeze?

Well look no further.

The summer hacks below are meant to make things easier for you so you can actually spend more time having fun.

Summer Hacks to keep you Cool

summer hacks

The most important thing during the summer is staying cool and fresh. 

The hotter days can unbearable but these hacks below will help you overcome the heat.

1- Freeze some water

Nothing better than a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day right?

Well here’s a hack to help you make sure your water or drinks are always cool.

Fill a few plastic bottles or containers halfway with water and freeze them.

If you’re going out for a walk or some exercise, just fill the bottles with your drink and you’ll always have a cool drink handy.

2 - Smoothies

Not only are these yummy, they’re also a great way to cool off.

Never a bad idea to have some smoothies readily available.

Check out these 10 hacks for simple smoothie making.

3 - Use cold sheets or blankets

Instead of cranking your AC up, you can use this simple hack to stay cool when you need to wrap yourself up.

Place your sheets or blankets in a leakproof storage bag and put them in your refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Take them out right when you’re ready to lay down.

Your body temperature will adjust to the sheets keeping you cool and prevents any sweats.

4 - Know your pulse points

Applying ice packs to your pulse points is an effective way to lower your body temperature almost instantly.

Placing cool compressions to those areas chills your blood vessels.

Your pulse points are:

– Your neck area (arguably the most effective)

– Inner wrists

– Temples

– Back of your knees

– Inner thighs

– The top of your feet

– Ankles

5 - Keep your lotion in the fridge

Imagine how great it’ll feel to moisturize yourself with some cooled lotion on a hot day.

6 - Keep your wardrobe light

This is likely an obvious point but it is worth reminding you to dress lightly during the summer.

Stay away from the heavy attire and dark colors which absorb heat.

7 - Stay unplugged

Unplug any unused electronics or appliances.

That eliminates the heat given off by those devices which reduces your total heat.

Saves on your electric bill too.

Food & Drink Hacks

summer hacks

The following food hacks are meant to save you time and make things easier for you.

8 - Freeze fruits

Freezing your fruits is an easy way to keep them preserved all summer long.

Another option for you is to cut them into small pieces and freeze them in an ice tray with a little bit of water.

They make for delicious ice cubes.

9 - Use waffle cones or bowls as an edible fruit bowl

No need for utensils or worrying about dirty dishes with this one.

Simply put your fruits in a waffle bowl and everything can be eaten including the bowl.

10 - Easy corn on the cob

Use a cooler and boiling water for a very easy and hands-free corn on the cob cooking.

Here’s how to do it:

РPlace the amount of ears you want in a clean cooler. 

– Add about 2 pots of boiling water to the cooler (roughly 2 quarts per dozen).

– Let sit in the closed cooler for 30 minutes and you’re all done.

– Drain the water and keep the lid closed to keep your corn warm and fresh.

11 - Give your grill a lovely smell

You’re likely going to be doing a lot of summer barbecues.

Keep your grill smelling great by scenting your charcoal with some rosemary.

It gives your grill a lovely smell and also adds some flavor to your meat.

*Bonus tip

Brush off the grill with onions.

It helps loosen up any baked grit which makes for an easy cleaning process.

12 - Bathtub as a cooler

This is an inexpensive hack if you’re having a huge party and need a lot of drinks to accommodate your guests.

Fill your bathtub with ice and use it for beer, sodas, or any other drinks.

Remember to keep the drain open for the melting ice.

A wheelbarrow is another good option.

13 - Build your own beverage station

With a little creativity and a few tools, you can create your own outdoor beverage station for your guests.

It will serve as an excellent drink station and great conversation starter.

Check out this simple 10 minute DIY beverage station courtesy of Lil’ Luna.

Kids Summer Hacks

summer hacks

14 - Lawn art

All you need is a plain sheet, some crayons or paint and you’ve got yourself an easy art canvas for the kids.

Use washable crayons so you wash the sheets after they’re done and reuse them.

15 - Camp indoors

If it’s too hot outside or you’re unable to get the kids outdoors, you can still bring the fun indoors.

Pitch a tent for them indoors and add some indoor games to have a blast at home.

16 - Make an easy DIY sandbox

Kids almost never grow tired of playing in the sand.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking them to the beach or playground as often as you can, you can save yourself a few trips by building your own backyard sandbox.

It’s a fun project to do and the kids will definitely be glad you built them one.

Check out the following link for some inspiration: 35 DIY sandboxes ideas your kids will love.

17 - Cool down Necklace

With a few cut down sponges and some string, you can make the perfect cooling necklace (lei) for the kids.

All you need to do then is soak the sponges, wring them out and place them on the kids to keep them cool while they’re out in the heat.

Click here for the tutorial.

18 - Prelabeled activity sticks/activity board

To avoid boredom during the summer break, you can create a list of activities to keep the kids busy.

You can simply label some craft sticks in advance and save them in a jar for the kids to pick out of.

You can also use a board if you want and just simply have them cross out each activity after it is done.

19 - Lost child bracelet

The last thing any parent wants is to lose their kid.

But in the unfortunate event that happens, you want to make it easy for someone to get a hold of you when they find them.

To do that, you can make a bracelet with your phone number or other contact information on it.

Decorate it with your kids favorite items or colors so they’re less likely to take it off.

20 - Capri sun slushies

Freeze some capri sun for about 6 hours and you’ve got the perfect summer drink for the kids.

All you need is a spoon for them to scoop it out.

Summer Beauty Hacks

Here are a few beauty hacks to help you survive the summer

21 - Natural highlighting solution

Simply spritz your hair with a little bit of water and let it dry in the sun.

Using lemon juice can also help accelerate the process.

22 - Aloe cubes

Aloe vera is one of the best solutions for sunburns.

Grab a bottle of natural aloe vera gel, fill an ice tray with the gel and place in the freezer.

That’s it.

You now have aloe cubes for an “instant” sunburn relief.

You can also extract the gel from the leaves themselves 

23 - Natural homemade self tanner

Mix a small blend of cocoa powder and coconut oil (or your favorite lotion) for an easy homemade tan.

Be careful not to eat it though!

24 - Swap powder blush for cream

To prevent any makeup mishaps on a hot day, swap your powder blush for a cream instead.

Powders cake up and crumble in the heat.

You don’t want makeup running down your face.

25 - No more frizzy hair

Avoid frizzy hair with a coconut oil and water spritz.

26 - Get some wipes

You’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Keep some wipes handy to freshen up whenever you’re on the go.

Outdoor Summer Hacks (Pool, Beach, Camping, etc.)

summer hacks

It can be a challenge to be outdoors in the summer.

The following hacks will help you overcome some of those obstacles.

27 - Harness your belongings

Avoid losing your flip flops by harnessing them to your beach tote with a carabiner clip.

28 - Floating Mini Bar

Save yourself some trips in and out of the pool by building your own floating mini bar.

Click here for some instructions.

29 - Easy glow stick lanterns

Get a few clean empty jars and some glow sticks.

Break the glow sticks to activate them then cut them open and pour the contents into the jar.

And just like that you’ve made some easy outdoor lanterns.

If you want your lanterns to last longer, add some water to the jar before cutting your glow sticks.

Please be careful when cutting & pouring out your glow sticks because the contents are actually made out of glass.

30 - Easy Bug repellent

Keep bugs away with these 5 simple hacks using items you already have in your home.

– Cinnamon + Garlic + Cayenne pepper

– Vinegar + Herbs + Water

– Vinegar + Essential oils + Water

– Witch hazel + Herbs + Water

– Vodka + Few drops of essential oil


31 - Baby powder

After a fun day at the beach, no one likes dragging back any sand along with them.

Use baby powder to prevent any of that from happening.

Baby powder absorbs moisture from the sand.

Simply rub some baby powder on your legs prior to getting out there and it’ll help for an easy clean when you’re done.

32 - Simple Mood lighting

If you need some extra lights when you’re outdoors or anywhere without power, you can create some ambient light by simply strapping a head lamp to a milk gallon jug filled with water.

33 - Protect your belongings with these simple hacks

– Keep your valuables hidden in a diaper. No one really wants to touch a dirty diaper.

– Get an airtight ziplock bag to protect your phone from water damage. You can use a straw to suck out all the air from the bag.

Worthy Mentions

34 - Jenga is the perfect summer game

If there’s one activity you need to keep handy all summer, it’s jenga.

It’s a great game to have for any outdoor activities.

Both kids and adults will love it.

35 - Backyard tic-tac-toe

Drape a sheet outside and draw your tic-tac-toe grid.

Get 2 different color sets of frisbees.

Now all you have left to do is take turns throwing the frisbees at the board.

36 - Kiddie pool for adults

For adults who want to float in the pool without necessarily wet you can use a kiddie pool.

It is a lot more roomy and they usually have higher sides which can help prevent water from flowing in.

The extra space also means you can bring in some drinks or a book to relax in the pool.

37 - Instant popsicle maker

Don’t want to wait a few hours for your popsicles to get frozen?

Then get you an instant popsicle maker just like this one.

38 - Coffee grounds for bugs

You’re likely going to see more insects as the temperature rises.

If that’s the case, you can place some coffee grounds around your entry ways to keep the bugs away.

Many insects are repelled by the smell of coffee.

And that’s it.

You are now ready to take on the summer and have a great time while you’re at it.

If you know of any other hacks that weren’t included, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

Need some more projects for the summer?

Check out: 100+ Fun and Summer DIY Projects

summer hacks

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