50 Incredible Travel Hacks That Will Make You Happy

Traveling can be tough but with the right travel hacks you can eliminate all that stress and actually spend more time looking forward to your trip.

Whether it’s for work or leisure, traveling should be practically stress free.

That’s the reason for providing you with these travel hacks.

So worry no more.

Read on to find out how you can make next trip(s) stress free.

1. Bring an empty water bottle with you to the airport

Airport security frowns upon any liquids and purchasing a bottle of water at the airport is expensive.

So to avoid any potential delays or unexpected costs, bring an empty bottle with you and once you get through security you can refill it at a water fountain.

2. Roll your clothes to save more space

When it’s time to pack, you should roll your clothes instead of folding them because it allows for more space.

Now you can add an extra shirt or two.

3. Stow away your jewelry in pill containers

Those pill boxes work very well to help keep your jewelry organized.

This is a hack you can use even when you’re back home.

4. Scan your passports or any other form of identification

Before you head out on your trip you need to make sure you have a contingency plan just in case you lose your IDs.

Scan your passport, driver’s license or any other important document and email them to yourself.

This is just like insurance – better safe than sorry!

5. Take pictures of your itinerary for offline use

You can’t always expect to have online access when you need it.

So your safe bet is to take pictures of all your travel details so they’re available if you can’t get online for one reason or another.

Nowadays you can easily download all that information and save it to your phone or laptop.

6. Mark your luggage as "FRAGILE"

Doing this ensures your luggage gets handled properly.

7. Use Travel jackets for extra storage

Yes, travel jackets are a thing.

Instead of fidgeting through your backpack trying to find your shades or your earphones, you can simply store them and many other things in your jacket.

8. Get in touch with your credit or debit companies before you travel

The last you thing you need is not having access to your money when you’re out of town.

So call them and make the necessary arrangements so you can have your funds available.

9. Search for flights or trips on a private browser

Travel sites are able to track your visits and if you check back repeatedly the prices you see may be higher based on your search history.

To avoid those higher prices you can search incognito or just make sure you clear your browser history after you’re done.

10. Get a portable charger

Save yourself the headache of scrambling to find the next charging station.

11. (If not) Make use of the charging stations

If having a portable charger isn’t your thing then make use of the charging stations whenever you get the chance.

Especially if you know you might connect through a busy airport terminal.

12. Use a sunglasses case to keep your cords tangle free

If you wear glasses or are carrying around a pair of sunglasses, you can use the case to keep your charging cables or earphones tangle free. 

13. Use bubble wrap to safely secure any glass items

Along with the fragile tag mentioned in point #6, you can use bubble wrap to add an extra layer of safety.

14. Create a pack list you can refer back to

Having a list you can refer back to saves you so much time and unnecessary headaches.

It also makes you less likely to forget anything.

15. Get a backup phone charger

In most cases your charger is likely the one thing you’re going to forget.

Pack an extra one in your suitcase just in case.

16. When going through airport security, pack as many items in your travel bag or suitcase to save you some valuable time once you get through.

Save yourself the hassle once you get past the security checkpoint.

17. Place bright identifiers on your luggage

Bright identifiers allow you to easily distinguish your luggage from the rest.

Prevents anyone from mistakenly picking up your luggage.

18. Download any apps you may need before you travel

There are 2 important reasons for doing this:

i – It allows you to be familiar with the app.

ii – You don’t want to have to rely on someone else’s internet connection.

19. Make sure you get Google Maps & Google Translate for offline use

In most cases these are the most important apps you’ll need.

20. Use a TV's usb port to charge your electronics

If for some reason you’ve lost your wall plug (or the back up for that matter), you can plug the usb cable into the back of a TV to charge your device.

21. If traveling as a couple or with a friend, reserve the window and aisle seats

Everyone dreads the middle seat so if it’s not a fully booked flight, it increases your chances of getting some extra elbow space.

If things don’t work out that way, you can always ask to switch seats. Most people will gladly give up their middle seats.


22. Use dryer sheets to keep your clothes smelling fresh

Or you can use some cotton balls soaked in your favorite perfume.

Either option works great.

23. Always keep a hand sanitizer handy

Hand hygiene is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick.

This is something you should be doing already.

24. Set up price alerts months in advance

We’re all human.

Things happen, we forget and there’s also the bad habit of procrastination.

Price alerts are there to act as reminders.

25. Use ATMs to get local currency

Hopefully you called your bank prior to your departure and found out if it was possible to use foreign ATMs.

Either way you want to stay away from the foreign exchange kiosks.

Their fees tend to be a lot more pricier than what the ATM will charge you.

26. Get a good meal before you embark on any trip

Things happen so don’t leave your next meal up to chance.

If you know you may be in a hurry then make sure you pack some snacks.

27. If you feel the urge, use the bathroom

This is another aspect of traveling you shouldn’t leave up to chance.

There’s likely not going to ever be a shortage of bathrooms but there’s always the risk of not having enough time.

If you have the time then make use of it.

28. Your alarm clock is your best friend

Speaking of running out of time.

It’s very easy to get carried away during your travels.

Use your alarm clock to set reminders for yourself.

29. Don't wait till the last minute to pack your bags

This isn’t so much of a hack but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Get your packing out of the way as soon as you can.

30. Wear compression socks for long travels

Compression socks apply some pressure to your legs which allows for improved blood circulation.

Better blood flow = more comfort.

31. Pack your toiletries into travel size containers

Don’t travel around with full-size bottles of lotion or shampoo or any other personal care items.

They take up unnecessary space and also slow you down at security checkpoints.

Get you a smaller container which you can refill any time.

32. Always pack a pair of comfortable shoes

You never know when they’ll come in handy.

Another alternative is getting some insoles.

33. Use your shoes for storage

If you’re carrying around a lot of socks then you can put them in your shoes to save up space.

34. Sign up for frequent flyer programs

Even if you think you don’t travel a lot it is still a good idea to sign up for a frequent flyer program.

They’re often free to join and you can still get considerable discounts.

35. Visit travel and review sites to plan your trip accordingly

Review sites are a great place for you to get information about other people’s experiences.

36. Breeze through security by signing up for a known traveler program

Want to skip through the long security lines?

Then take advantage of traveler programs like TSA PreCheck, Clear or Global Entry.

37. If not consider flying or connecting through smaller airports

If your schedule permits then going through smaller airports can alleviate some of the stress for you.

38. Overcome jet lag by doing exercise

Exercising before, during and after your trip is an excellent way to avoid dealing with jet lag.

Especially after your trip because it helps reset your internal clock.

39. Get to your boarding area early enough to take advantage of potential last minute upgrades

So many advantages to arriving early for departure plus you never know what upgrade you might be able to steal.

40. Pack your own bag of tea or coffee

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, this is especially true if you’re traveling out of the country.

Sure you can get some from the local coffee shop or hotel but nothing beats your favorite cup of coffee.

41. Use public transport when you can

Public transport is a lot cheaper than cab rides.

42. Get multi-day passes if you're visiting a new city for a few days

Save yourself some money by getting multi-day passes.

If you purchase them ahead of time, they’re usually a lot cheaper than getting them the day of.

So it’s something worth doing even if you’re unsure if you’ll visit the same place more than once.

43. Pack a power strip if you have multiple devices or you're traveling as a group

You’ll be a hero.

44. Take a picture of your parking spot before you depart

We’re human, we forget.

45. Pack chewing gum to help with ear popping

Chewing gum encourages saliva production which induces swallowing and that in turn helps your ears pop.

46. Use saran wrap to prevent accidental spills from leaking bottles

Don’t arrive at your destination with a box full of soiled clothing.

Saran wrap is a good way to prevent leaks

47. Print paperwork for backup

We already recommended taking pictures, scanning or downloading all important documents.

While all of those are great options, you should also print them out as an added measure. 

48. Don't pack all your valuables in the same area

Spread the wealth. Literally.

49. Make friends with your travel crew or tour guides whenever you can

There are so many perks for being nice.

50. Always have fun!

Make the most out of your travels.

If you follow at least half of the travel hacks listed on here your trip will be a lot more enjoyable.

So above everything else, make sure you have lots of fun.

Safe travels!

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