22 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Life Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Life hacks exist for one main purpose:

And that is to make things so much easier for you to get done.

That’s the reason for this post so let’s get right to it.

life hacks to simplify your life

1 - Lost & Found

life hacks

We’ve all been through it.

Losing something and having the hardest time trying to find it.

This vacuum hack will help you find those small items that seem to vanish right before you.

Here’s how to do it.

– Stretch an old pair of stockings to the end of your vacuum and secure it with a hair tie or rubber band.

– Vacuum around the area where you dropped the item and check occasionally to see if the vacuum picked it up.

You’d be surprised at what other items you may find 🙂

2 - Velcro Trick

life hacks
Source: The Rug Chick

Struggling to keep your rug in one place?

Use velcro!

Place double sided velcro strips underneath your rug to keep them secured.

Bonus tip: 

Add some padding underneath your rugs to make them comfortable. (Great way to keep your feet relaxed).

3 - Vinegar's cleaning properties

Vinegar is great for certain recipes but it is also an excellent option to make a lot of your house hold chores easier.

Here are a few examples:

– Jewelry cleaner: Soak your jewelry in vinegar for about 10-15 minutes then wash them off. Makes them sparkle again.

– Remove Tough Stickers: Sticker labels can be a mess. Simply spray the stickers with vinegar then let them sit for about 10 minutes. They’ll come off easily.

– Microwave cleaner: Mix one cup of water and one cup of vinegar then microwave the mixture for 5 minutes. It loosens up any tough, grimy residue and makes it easier to clean.

– Surface disinfectant: Create another mixture of vinegar and water and spray surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Click here for some more uses.

Long story short, keep some vinegar handy.

4 - No More Clogged Drains

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Instead of exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, you can unclog your drains with a few household items.

– Baking soda

– 1 cup of Vinegar (here it is again) or 1/2 cup of salt

– Hot water

Step 1: First pour 2 cups of boiling water down the drain. 

Step 2: Then pour a cup of baking soda followed by the vinegar or salt.

Step 3: Wait for 5 minutes then flush the drain with 2 more cups of boiling water.

Once it’s draining, continue to flush with some hot (tap) water.

If not repeat the first 3 steps as needed.

5 - Keep A Fresh Smell

life hacks

Baking soda neutralizes just about any smell.

Use it as a natural deodorizer in your refrigerator, for stinking shoes, or other smelly areas.

6 - Fog Free Bathroom Mirrors

Fogged up mirrors are just annoying.

To avoid having to clean your mirrors after a nice hot bath, apply a thin layer of car wax and buff them clean just like you would your car.

No more foggy bathroom mirrors.

7 - Easy Wrinkle Remover

life hacks

Rather than running your dryer cycle multiple times or bringing out the iron, you can use this simple life hack to easily remove wrinkles.

– Place about 2-3 ice cubes in the dryer (with your clothes) and run it on high heat for a few minutes.

As the ice melts, it steams out your clothes leaving them wrinkle free.

P.S. This hack works best with lighter clothing.

8 - Revamp your shoes with toothpaste

life hacks

Use a little bit of toothpaste and a toothbrush to get rid of tough shoe stains or to whiten them up again.

The same chemicals that help keep your teeth clean are effective on those dirt stains.

That said, different brands have different chemicals in them so make sure you try it out on a small area first.

9 - Easy Ice Packs

life hacks

Ice packs can be a bit expensive so you can save yourself some money with this hack.

All you need is a sponge, water and a sandwich bag.

Soak a clean sponge in cold water, let the excess water drain out, put it in the sandwich bag then place it in the freezer.

It’ll be firm when you first take it out but will slowly soften as it warms up.

10 - Remove Tough Stains with WD-40

life hacks

WD-40 has so many uses but one of the most practical ones for everyday use is stain removal.

We encounter those pesky stains almost on a daily basis.

Some applicable WD-40 life hacks include:

– Removing scuff marks on your floors

– Cleaning crayon marks left behind by the kids

– Getting rid of tough coffee or tea stains on furniture or kitchen counters

and plenty more.

Side Note: If you have a ring stuck on your finger, spray some WD-40 on the finger and the ring will easily slide off.

See: 10 WD-40 Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before.

11 - Check Your Eggs

life hacks

Here’s an easy way to check if your eggs are still good to eat.

Fill a bowl with cold water and gently place your eggs in them.

Good eggs sink while bad eggs float.

Simple Egg Cooking Hack

Not the healthiest option but if you’re pressed for time, you can poach, scramble or make an omelette in the microwave.

Good news is there’s no frying pan required.

Watch this video: Three Easy Ways To Cook Eggs In The Microwave

12 - Straw-Berry

life hacks

Use a straw to easily remove the stem from strawberries.

Place the straw at the bottom (pointed) end of the berry and carefully push the straw through from bottom to top.

Easy removal and minimal fruit wasted.

13 - Remove Clothing Stains with Lemon

life hacks

Lemon is an excellent natural stain remover for clothing items and even some upholstery.

Or if you have some lemon juice, it can also do the trick.

It’s worth reminding you that there may be some stains that will be too tough for lemons.

See: How to Remove Stains With Lemon Juice

14 - Soft Butter

life hacks

Need to soften a butter stick without completely melting it?

– Get some boiling water and place in a glass.

– As soon as the glass gets hot, pour out the water. (Be careful not to burn yourself)

– Place the butter stick in the hot glass.

All that’s left is waiting for it to soften up.

15 - Clean Blinds with Towel Wrapped Tongs

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to clean window blinds is to use a pair of tongs and microfiber cloths.

– Grab a pair of tongs then wrap each tong with a microfiber cloth.

– Use rubber bands or twist ties to keep the cloths secure.

– Then simply use the wrapped tongs to grab a blind and swipe to clean.

16 - Use Rubber Bands To Prevent Doors From Latching

life hacks
Source: Instructables

If you have that one person who just can’t avoid slamming doors or you want to prevent the kids from locking themselves up, rubber bands can do the trick.

Simply place a rubber band around the knob on each side of the door without interfering with the latch.

It’ll help cushion slamming doors.

To prevent anyone from locking themselves up, run the rubber band over the latch as you place it on the knobs.

17 - Use A Wooden Spoon To Prevent Pots from Foaming Over

life hacks

Place a wooden spoon over your boiling pot to prevent it from spilling over.

The reason this hack works is simply because the wood helps absorb some of the moisture before it escapes your pot.

So if you’re ever out of a lid with a spout, just bring out the wooden spoon.

18 - Carabiner for Groceries

life hacks

We’ve all attempted it before.

Carrying in all your grocery bags in one trip. Or least tried to.

Sometimes you’re successful. Other times, not so much.

Avoid the 50/50 game by getting a large carabiner (or a couple) and use it to hook and carry your bags.

Makes for a smoother trip.

19 - Storage Under Your Bed

life hacks

If you find yourself scrambling for some space, think about lifting your bed to create some of that extra space.

With the bed lifted you can place a few clear tubs to store some more items.

(Another option which isn’t quite a “life hack” in itself is to maybe purchase a bed with bottom shelves.)

20 - Don't Waste Tape

life hacks

Finding the end of your tape can be a nuisance and you can waste precious tape in the process.

To avoid the hassle, hold your spot on a roll of tape with a soda tab, bread tab or paper clip.

21 - Zip Ties On A Weed Eater

life hacks

Out of spool?

Use zip ties on your weed eater for a cost effective way to trim your yard.

Gotta admit this hack works best on a previously trimmed lawn that just needs some maintenance.

22 - Cool Your Drinks A Lot Quicker

life hacks

Wrap a wet paper towel around a can or bottle and let it sit in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

It helps cool your drinks a lot quicker.

Tin foil also does the trick for aluminum cans.

Cool trick as far as life hacks go, literally.

There you have it.

22 life hacks to make your life easier.

If you’ve got some more ideas, please feel free to share them below.

Looking for some more life hacks?

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