Best Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

These halloween party ideas for adults will help you get the inspiration you need to create an incredible party your guests will remember for a while.

We all understand Halloween is typically a time when the kiddos run around trick or treating but adults are allowed to have some fun too – grown up style.

And if you’re going to host one why not give it your best shot.

For that reason I wrote this list of 20+ Halloween party ideas for adults you can use to plan the best spooky party ever.

Here we go!

1 - Desserts Only Halloween Party

Halloween party ideas for adults
Image source: We Know Stuff

Somewhere deep down you’re probably wondering if all this sugar is a good idea.

Well you know what?

It’s Halloween and it’s all about the sweets. Make this your one cheat day.

This dessert part idea is courtesy of We Know Stuff.

Here’s what they say about it “…when do grown ups just get to eat dessert? Like never. So today, we’re eating dessert. And lots of it.”

Couldn’t be said any better.

Click here to learn how to make your own Desserts Only Halloween Party.

2 - Dracula's Bite Jello Shots

halloween party ideas for adults
Source: Bread Booze Bacon

Vodka jello shots from a spiked cherry coke plus a layer of grenadine topped with coke leaves.

Now that’s a Halloween jello shot from the Count himself.

Click here for the Dracula Bite recipe.

Need more? Check out: 25 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes.

3 - Walker Blood Sangria

halloween party ideas for adults
Source: Cravings of A Lunatic

This Walking Dead inspired drink is appropriate for any Halloween party.

A little wine and pomegranate juice, voila!

Click here for the Walker Blood Sangria recipe.

4 - Spooktacular Party

halloween party for ideas
Source: Unexpected Elegance

You can host your own Halloween cocktail party complete with crows, bats, snakes and spiders.

It comes down to the decor.

Click here for the Spooktacular party inspiration.

5 - Pumpkin Patch Party

halloween party ideas for adults
Source: Kara's Party Ideas

Another brilliant decor idea.

You can show off your sense of style with a pumpkin themed party.

You can even keep some of the decorative items for the rest of the fall season.

Click here for the Pumpkin Patch Halloween Party ideas.

6 - Haunted Halloween Punch

Source: Living The Country Life

This smoking drink will definitely be a great conversation starter at any party.

Plus you can use the punch base to create a variety of drinks.

Click here for the Haunted Halloween Punch recipe.

7 - Candy Corn Jello Shots

Source: A Beautiful Mess

I don’t think anyone would be able to resist trying one these shots.

The presentation alone is enough to make you want to cross it off your bucket list.

Okay maybe not that dramatic but you get the point.

Click here for the Candy Corn Jello Shots recipe.

8 - Order of The Phoenix

Source: Eating Bender

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not (who isn’t?) this is a perfect way to celebrate your inner wizardry self.

It’s such a great idea.

The decorations and menu (drinks, appetizers & desserts) will have you and your guests feeling like you’re at Hogwarts.

Click here for the Harry Potter inspired party ideas.

9 - Spiked Pumpkin Punch

halloween party ideas
Source: Delish

This is the perfect substitute for pumpkin pie.

Its a combination of cream soda and vodka topped off with pumpkin ice cream for the flavor.

Click here for the Spiked Pumpkin Punch recipe.

10 - Bloody Mary Syringes

Halloween party for adults
Source: Delish

Your squirmy side is probably screaming “Nooo!”

If so then good. That’s how you know it’s an excellent Halloween idea.

Get the recipe for the Bloody Mary Syringes.

11 - Pineapplehead Turkey Sliders

halloween party for adults
Source: Delish

steal the show with these Halloween party appetizers.

You can’t go wrong with these.

Click here for the Pineapplehead Turkey Sliders recipe.

12 - Jack-O'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Halloween party for adults
Source: Delish

Feed your guests with these delicious stuffed peppers.

Click here for the recipe.

13 - Halloween Tabletop Inspiration

Halloween ideas for adults
Source: This Is Bliss

How about switching out the orange for something darker.

This blacked out decorations will give your home that sinister look.

Click here for this Halloween inspiration.

14 - Smoking Violets Cocktail

Source: The Kitchen Alchemist

This is an excellent cocktail for any adult Halloween party.

Apparently this recipe packs a punch!

Just a heads up.

Click here for the Cocktail Recipe.

15 - Halloween Party Games

Halloween party ideas for adults
Source: The Dating Divas

Besides the drinks and food, you need to also incorporate some kind of fun activity to prevent any idleness.

That’s where the games come in.

Check out this incredible collection of 66 Fantastic Halloween Games.

16 - Halloween Playlist

Halloween ideas for adults
Source: OMG Lifestyle Blog

Keep the party going with some Halloween tunes.

This playlist from Refinery29 is a good place to start.

17 - Halloween Costumes

Source: Pexels

It isn’t a complete Halloween party if everyone isn’t a costume.

Take a look at this list of 100+ Easy DIY Halloween costumes.

18 - Halloween Invitations

halloween party ideas for adults
Source: Greetings Island

You can get your guests excited and ready for your party by sending out some Halloween inspired invitations.

Ideally you should find one that matches the theme of your party.

Checkout these (free) templates from Greetings Island.

P.S. The free versions do have a watermark.

19 - Halloween Props

Source: The Cutting Cafe

Incentivize your guests to take photos. 

It’s a good way for everyone to remember how much fun they had.

Get your Halloween Photo booth props here.

20 - Halloween Movie Night

Halloween party ideas for adults
Source: Sugar And Charm

If you’re looking to host a “quieter” event, then a movie night is your answer.

Invite your friends over to watch some Halloween classics.

You can still make it Halloween-centric by adding the right decor as well as some Halloween food and drinks.

Get inspired for your own Charming Halloween Movie night.

So there you have it. 

All that’s left is inviting some friends over for a fun Halloween party!

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