11 Insanely Creepy Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations can serve a few purposes.

You can put them up for fun or use them to scare the life out of anyone coming across your home.

The Halloween decorations we’ll take a look at serve the latter.

The following pieces of Halloween decor may have trick or treaters thinking twice.

Let’s take a look.

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1 - Crawling Skeleton

halloween decorations

I’m not sure if this just happens to be a tree stump that grew wild or someone’s creative prowess.

Whatever the case may be, this is an ingeniously scary decoration to have in your yard.

The skeleton looks like it’s literally coming for you.

2 - Pumpkin Figure

halloween decorations

Look at this guy (or gal).

Just add a few ghoulish sound effects and voila!

3 - Crawling Dead Lady

All crawling things give me the creeps.

Even worse if it’s a dead lady with a 180 head turn.

4 - Hairy Lady

This is just plain scary.

Imagine coming across this lady at night.

You know that eerie sensation you just felt right now? Yupp, it’s real.

5 - Lady in the Corner

scary Halloween decorations

This is more of an indoor Halloween decoration but I’m not sure how I’d feel if I saw this in someone’s home.

I won’t be staying the night that’s for sure.

6 - Ghost Lady

Wouldn’t you think twice before approaching?

Imagine if it actually jumped at you.

7 - Real or Fake

halloween decorations

This was actually a controversial display that made the news.

It’s obviously a fake portrayal but you can clearly see why it’s a worrisome sight.

8 - Halloween Guillotine

Umm, no thanks!

9 - Tour Guide

halloween decorations

I’m not sure if it’s just the guy or the whole dead rising vibe.

Not how I’d want to age for sure.

10 - Creepy Dolls

halloween decorations

These dolls look like stuff straight out of Chucky’s imagination.

11 - The Ring Character

halloween decorations

That one-eyed evil stare is haunting for sure.

Okay, that’s it for the scary stuff.

What do you think of these Halloween decorations?

Which one was the scariest? Share below.

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