100+ Fun and Easy Summer DIY projects

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The warmer weather presents the perfect opportunity for you to get working on some summer DIY projects.

Arguably Summer is one of the best times of the year.

Sun’s out, schools are on vacation and almost everyone is on vacation.

A great time to relax and perfect for outdoor activities or some work around your home.

Let’s take a look at 100+ summer DIY projects that’ll keep you busy and entertained during the summer break.


You’ll likely be spending a lot of time outdoors so might as well prep for some fun.

Here are a few things to do outdoors:

#1 Painted Rocks

This is a very fun family activity and definitely easy on the budget.

Take a look at CraftsbyAmanda for some painted rock ideas.

#2 Painted Plant Pots

Got an outdoor garden?

Well liven up your plant pots and decorate them with a beautiful paint job.

Here’s some inspiration from Oakfurnitureland.

#3 Build A Picnic Caddy

Perfect utensil organizer for all the outdoor cooking and picnics you’ll be having.

Here are some bright Picnic Caddy ideas for you.

#4 DIY Fidget Spinners

Remember how popular these were?

Now you can make yours for yourself or the little ones.

Take a look at this FREE and easy template from Red Ted Art.

#5 DIY Ice Buckets

summer diy
Image Courtesy of Everydaydishes.com

You can get really creative with the way you want to chill your beverages.

The watermelon ice bucket above is courtesy of Everydaydishes.com

Click on this link for the instructions.

#6 Build A Crate Display Stand

If you’ve got some crates laying around, don’t throw them away just yet.

As you’ll find out throughout this post, they can come in very handy.

Building your own display stand is a perfect example and it could actually serve for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Click here for some Pinterest inspiration.

#7 DIY Firepit

Might require some elbow grease but imagine how cozy it’ll be to have everyone sitting around the fire.

Here’s a great how-to video from Thrift Diving.

How to Build a DIY Fire Pit in Your Backyard.

#8 Butterfly Feeders

Summer is peak butterfly season.

Having butterflies around has several benefits but it’s also a natural way to add some color and beauty to your yard.

Take a look at these beautiful DIY butterfly feeders from Natural Living Ideas.

#9 DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Torches create a nice ambiance for any outdoor setting. (Along with a fire pit if you decide to build one.)

Check out these DIY instructions from WellnessMama.

#10 Build A Pergola

If you’re up for a challenge then go all out and build a pergola.

Pergolas are a great focal point for any backyard and one more thing you can brag about to your guests all summer.

The key is making sure you have the right tools before you get started.

Think you can build one in 3 days?

Well check out this video from DDIY GUY Danny Jose.


The natural transition after you’re done outdoors will be to take care of the interior as well.

There’s nothing wrong with giving your home that unique touch and customizing it to your taste.

#11 Bright Centerpieces

Bright centerpieces add more warmth to your home – A reflection of the summer weather.

Here are a few examples you might consider:

Lemon slice vase

Pineapple vase centerpiece

Anything Sunflower themed

See: 35+ Best Summer Table Decorations Ideas and Designs

#12 DIY Cork Boards

Cork boards are a great way to organize almost any space in your home.

Your office, the living room, kids’ room, cork boards can add a personal touch anywhere.

See: 16 DIY Cork Board Projects

#13 Summer Candles

Can’t get enough of the peaceful summer smells?

Well bring them indoors! (not the sticky kinds of course)

Summer scented candles remind you of all those joyful feelings that come alive in the warm weather.

Check out these Summer Citronella Candles from Southern Living.

#14 DIY Candle holders

Your newly made candles definitely need a holder, right?

You can turn those candles from basic to a work of art with the help these 37 Stunning DIY Candle Holders from Candle Junkies.

#15 Tin Can Luminaries

Did you know you can turn all those veggie or soup cans into some beautiful looking light fixtures?

Click here for a full tutorial from DIY & Crafts.

#16 DIY Summer Pillows

Make your own summer pillows for more comfort as well as a touch of personality around the house.

These are so fun and easy to make.

See: 10 Homemade Summer Pillows

#17 DIY Doormats

Welcome your guests with a crafty home designed doormat.

Add some character to your front door.

Here’s an easy project you can use. (Simply Self Storage)

#18 Repurpose Crates or Old Cabinets for Extra Storage

summer diy
Image courtesy of Maison de Pax

Told you those crates would come in handy.

They’re perfect for any organization or storage projects you may have.

Just like like the Crate Bookcase above from Maison de Pax.

Here are some more ideas for you.

#19 DIY Home Furniture

Need an extra piece of furniture?

Why not build it yourself?

There are so many DIY furniture plans available online for you to gain some inspiration from.

Take a look at 40 Brilliant DIY Furniture Projects That Are Easy to Make

#20 Repaint A Room

A new paint job is an immediate upgrade to your home.

It’s a great feeling to walk into a clean, nicely painted room – especially if it’s done by you.

You can get very creative and the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at these Cool Paint Ideas from DIY Projects For Teens.


Just had to single out the kitchen.

Not that every other room isn’t important but the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, a few spruces here & there and you can turn it into the perfect hub.

Let’s take a look at some kitchen DIY projects you can tackle this summer.

#21 Replace Your Cabinet Hardware

Replacing cabinetry can be costly.

You may even decide to build your own cabinets if you want to.

A cheaper and much easier solution is for you to replace the hardware on your cabinets.

It’s a simple change but the subtlety can make a huge difference.

Visit bobvila for some ideas.

#22 Add New Lighting

A little extra light never hurt anyone.

You can add some extra lighting or completely change out the fixtures.

Make it a weekend project with these ingenious ideas from homedit.

#23 DIY Mug Holder

Mug racks are a great way to organize your kitchen and free up some cabinet space as well.

Check out these affordable DIY mug holder ideas from HOMEBNC.

#24 DIY Storage Jars

summer diy
Image courtesy of Threadbarecloak.com

I’m sure you’re no stranger to storage jars.

Adding some labels to them is very easy to do and eliminates the constant guessing game.

If you’d like to complete this simple DIY, you can follow these instructions from Threadbarecloak.com.

#25 DIY Cooking Apron

Give your apron a nice personal touch.

This is another relatively simple project but it’ll have you feeling great to be in the kitchen.

25 DIY Apron Pattern Ideas That Will Inspire You In The Kitchen.

#26 Build A Hanging Pot Rack

A pot rack will definitely bring some order to your kitchen and reclaim some more cabinet space.

Watch this DIY video: How to Make a Hanging Pot Rack.

#27 Add A Rolling Kitchen Cart

Need some extra cooking space? Or an informal eating area?

A rolling cart is an excellent solution.

Not only is it an answer for more kitchen space, it can also serve for extra storage.

Here are some ideas courtesy of The Spruce: 15 Free DIY Kitchen Island Plans.

#28 Replace Your Countertops

May not be the easiest project but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Now could be a good time to consider getting the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

Click here for some ideas from Designertrapped.com.

If you don’t feel like replacing the countertops or maybe you’re unable to because you rent then a temporary option is to use contact paper.

Just like this.

#29 Backsplash Projects

Another nice change you can give your kitchen is by replacing the backsplash.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing it also adds value to your home.

Check out these inexpensive DIY backsplash options.

#30 Fresh Paint Job

You can go ahead and give your kitchen a complete makeover.

Most kitchens don’t usually command a lot of wall space so it’s an ideal opportunity for you to make a bold statement.

Here’s How to Paint A Kitchen.


July 4th (Independence Day) is a major holiday for everyone in the U.S.

Why not celebrate this special occasion by showcasing your patriotism.

#31 DIY Fireworks

It is very important that you understand fireworks can be harmful and dangerous.

You also need to make sure you understand the different legalities concerning fireworks wherever it is you live.

That said, with the right amount of precautions fireworks are great for your 4th of July celebrations.

#32 Patriotic Wreaths

Wreaths are a great way to celebrate the U.S’ birthday.

Here are a few ideas to help you decorate: 20 DIY 4th of July Wreaths.

#33 American Flag Mason Jars

Another great way to show off your American pride at an affordable cost.

Here’s a simple way to get it done.

#34 4th of July Paper Lanterns

This is actually a fun activity to do as a family or group.

Check out these designs from Cori over at Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

#35 DIY Star Stangled Banner

Summer DIY
Image courtesy of Tinsel & Wheat

Yes you can bring the National Anthem to life with some creativity.

Here’s a walk-through from Spellbinders.

#36 Red, White & Blue Outfits

Allow your creativity to run wild here.

T-shirts, shoes, scarves, accessories, you name it.

Anything you see fit.

#37 4th of July Tablescape

Make your own tablescapes to help you create the perfect 4th of July setting.

Visit Pinterest for some inspiration.

#38 4th of July Cake

You can’t have a summer party without dessert! 

Imagine the sweet and savory taste of a fresh slice of cake on a warm summer day.

Now that you’re thinking about it, here are some 4th of July cake recipes.

#39 DIY USA Sign

Not only does this show your patriotic pride, it could also make for the perfect home decor.

Here’s an Easy DIY Rustic USA Wood Sign you too can build.

#40 DIY USA Flag

Nothing says Happy Birthday America better than the U.S Flag itself.

If you like woodworking then take a look at these 29 Wooden American Flag Plans.


There’s bound to be a lot of eating and drinking during the summer days.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

#41 Homemade Ice cream

summer diy
Image courtesy of Bigger Bolder Baking

No hot summer day is complete without some ice cream.

Check out this easy homemade recipe from Chef Gemma over at Bigger Bolder Baking

#42 DIY Popsicles

Another summer staple.

You just can’t go wrong with popsicles.

See: 80+ Easy and Delicious Popsicle Recipes That’ll Cool You Down This Summer.

#43 Snow Cones

One more way to cool off during the summer – Snow cones!

Here’s an easy snow cone recipe from Simple Easy Creative.

#44 Fruit Sorbet

Fruit sorbets are another excellent option for the summer.

A sorbet typically consists of just frozen fruit juice or flavored water and sugar.

You can also use fresh fruit if you prefer.

They are indeed very easy to make.

See: Basic Fruit Sorbets Recipe from The Spruce Eats.

#45 Fruit Pizza



This Pinch of Yum fruit pizza recipe is delicious.

#46 Homemade Summer Shakes & Smoothies

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a shake or smoothie on a hot summer day?

Take a look at these 15 Homemade Milkshakes You Need to Try This Summer.

#47 Jello Treats

Jello treats are a fun option and perfect for any summer party.

They’re great for kids and adults alike.

Here’s an easy and healthy homemade jello recipe from Wellness Mama.

#48 Summer Cocktails

Can’t forget about the grown ups.

Summer is a great time for you to test out your bartending skills.

Mojitos, Margaritas, Punch, etc.

Celebrate the season with these 50+ Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes.

#49 Taco Season

Not that you weren’t already eating them all year long but you can get even more creative with your summer taco tuesdays.

See 7 Summer Tacos to Celebrate The Season.

#50 BBQ Anything

If you haven’t dusted off your grill already then it’s time to do so.

Summer is synonymous with bbq.

You can’t (shouldn’t) entertain in the summer without any barbecues.

Check out these 78 Grilling Recipes You’ll be Making All Summer Long.


The kids are out on summer break so you gotta keep them busy or active somehow.

The best way is to incorporate some kid friendly activities for them.

Here are a few:

#51 DIY Flash Cards

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the kids need to stop learning.

Yes they deserve a break but you don’t want them forgetting all their school work.

A fun way to keep them learning is by creating Flash cards.

You can make it an excellent combination of play and learning activities.

Follow this flash card tutorial.

#52 Block Sets

Block sets are another excellent way to encourage learning.

Research shows that Block play stimulates learning in all domains of development, intellectual, physical, and social-emotional and language.

If you’ve got the time and the right set of tools, you can create your own wooden blocks just like this.

#53 Lemonade Stand

summer diy
Image courtesy of Fantabulosity.com

If you ever had your own lemonade stand growing up, then you can attest to how much fun this can be.

You can build one to help raise money for charity, the kids’ summer funds, for the folks working outdoors in your neighborhood, or just for some plain ol’ fun.

Regardless of what your reasons may be, the kids are certainly going to love it.

*Be sure to check out the legalities in your place of residence*

Check out this DIY tutorial from fantabulosity.com.

#55 DIY Kites

Who doesn’t love to fly a kite?

Build yours with these 15 Easy Kite Craft Ideas for Kids.

#56 Hand Painting

Let the kids’ imagination run wild.

You can explore with different material here but all you really need is some washable hand paint, some paper and an area where the little ones can get creative.

Use pinterest for some inspiration.

#57 Drawing Projects

Get out those pencils and crayons.

Drawing is a great outlet for kids so allow them to express themselves.

Check out these 100 Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas for Kids courtesy of Craft Whack.

#58 Summer Solstice Crafts (Sun Weaving)

Summer solstice activities are a great way to celebrate summer with the kids.

Perfect opportunity to weave some sun-shaped crafts.

Check out these 20 Fun and Easy Sun Crafts for Kids.

#59 Popsicle Stick Crafts

Instead of throwing away all the sticks from your homemade popsicles, you can put them back to use for some more DIY projects.

Popsicle crafts to be exact.

See: 50 Fun Popsicle Crafts You Should Make With Your Kids This Summer.

#60 DIY Play Tents

Maybe you want to give the kids their own hideout or maybe you just want to give them some extra room for shade.

Kids are adventurous and play tents are an ideal option for them to create those long lasting childhood memories.

Take a look at 15 DIY Teepees and Play Tents Your Kids Will Spend All Summer In.


The hot weather calls for a change in your wardrobe.

Lesser layers, lighter clothing, flip flops, etc.

A great time to experiment too.

Here are a few clothing items you can make for yourself this summer.

#61 DIY Shorts

Shorts are obviously great for the warm weather.

Especially since you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Here are 50+ DIY shorts to Enjoy Your Summer Fashionably.

#62 Halter Tops

Ladies you can definitely appreciate how comfortable halter tops are in the summer.

You can make yours too using these ideas: Stylish DIY Halter tops.

#63 Crafty Swimwear

No need to go splurging on some new swimwear when you can save some money by making them yourself.

Plus that means more money for you to get some extra stuff when you’re relaxing at the pool or beach.

Watch this DIY Simple Bathing Suit video.

#64 Custom T-shirts

Your summer wardrobe isn’t complete without some DIY t-shirts.

Check out this awesome roundup from buzzfeed

#65 DIY Flip flops

Another must have for the summer.

Take a look at these 20 Creative Ways to Make DIY Flip Flops.

#66 DIY Hats

Sun’s out, hats out.

Very, very cheesy but you get the point.

Beat the sun with these 10 fun summer DIY hat ideas.

#67 Repurpose Your Sweaters

Don’t get rid of sweaters just yet.

Repurposed sweaters can have a variety of uses.

Why not use them to craft something you can use this summer.

Sleeveless shirts, knit skirts, hats, scarves, just to name a few.

#68 DIY Espadrilles

The perfect shoes for any summer adventures.

If you’re confident enough you can make your own pair of shoes.

Take a look at this DIY Espadrilles guide from Molly Sews.

#69 DIY Sunglasses

You don’t necessarily need to go manufacture your own sunglasses. (Although it may be worth a try. You never know what you could come up with.)

The point here is if you have a pair of shades laying around, why not give them your personal touch.

Here are 35 DIY Sunglasses You’ll Actually Want to Rock This Summer.

#70 DIY Cases

Those sunglasses do need a case.

Check out this Quick and Easy DIY Sunglasses Case Pattern from Crazy Little Projects.

Click on this link for some more ideas.


You can also make your pets a part of your summer DIY projects as we’ll see in the following examples.

#71 Outdoor Washing/Cooling Station

After a long summer walk, you need to keep the dogs cool.

An outdoor station is perfect for cooling down and keeping any mess outside.

Check out this Simple PVC Dog Wash.

#72 DIY Cooling Mat

Another great cooling option for the pets.

Check out this Cooling Mat Tutorials from Diana Rambles.

#73 DIY Tents/Teepees

Build a perfect hideout for the pets.

Take a look at this DIY Dog Tent from Woodshop Dairies.

#74 DIY Pet Toys

If it’s too hot outside, you can bring the fun indoors.

Here are a few options:

 33 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House.

10 Best Homemade Cat Toys.

Homemade Rabbit Toys.

#75 Pet Clothing

Creating some clothing and accessories for your furry ones is typically a fun and simple process.

Maybe a new shirt, a leash, bows, etc.

#76 DIY Fish Tank

summer diy

Not only are aquariums beautiful to look at, they also have some incredible health benefits.

You can build yours using these step-by-step instructions from The Spruce Pets.

#77 Pet Bed

Instead of having the pets snuggle up in your laundry basket you can create a nice comfy pet bed for them.

Check out this Easy DIY Pet Bed for $15.

#78 Feeding Stations

Pet feeding stations can be very costly.

You can save yourself up to a few hundred dollars by building yours.

Here’s some inspiration from Wonderful DIY.

#79 DIY Dog/Cat house

Spoil your furry ones with their own pet house.

It’s such a great feeling to watch them run around or relax in something you built yourself.

15 Free DIY Dog House Plans Anyone Can Build.

7 DIY Cathouses You Can Make In A Weekend.

#80 Treats/Pet Snacks

besides the savings, the added benefit of making your own pet treats is you know exactly what’s going into them and you can cater to their different needs.

25 Simple Dog Treat Recipes

Cats can be a little more tricky however here are 10 Easy Homemade Treats Your Cat Should Love.

(Bonus) Bird House

Couldn’t forget about our friendly fliers.

Check out these 15 DIY Birdhouse Plans and Ideas.


There are so many gifting occasions in the summer.

Graduations, weddings, birthdays, and so on.

Plenty of reasons to create an awesome gift.

Take a look at some DIY gift ideas below.

summer diy

#81 Knit A Hat or A Quilt

Quilts are perfect for those cozy nights.

Check out these 40 Easy Quilt Patterns for The Newbie Quilter.

#82 Fabric Covered Books

Perfect for home decor pieces and also make for incredible gifts.

Watch this video on how to make your own fabric covered books.

#83 Homemade Bath Salts

Bath salts are such a wonderful gift idea and perfect for those last minute moments because they are easy and quick to make.

Check out these 15 Soothing DIY Bath Salts.

#84 DIY Jewelry

So many options for you here.

Use pinterest for some inspiration.

#85 DIY Gift Cards...

Simple yet effective.

Watch how to make gift cards from the heart.

#86 ...And Gift Card Holders

You new cards will need a good looking holder to go along with them.

Follow this DIY Gift Card Holders guide.

#87 Homemade Jam

Jam is an excellent food to make in the summer and is also a sweet gift (literally).

Follow these instructions to learn how to make your own jam.

#88 S'more Gifts

Reminiscent of the camp fires and the beautiful nights sitting under the stars.

S’mores are a great representation of summer outdoor activities. 

A great treat for your favorite campers or anyone with a sweet tooth.

Easy S’mores Gift Basket Idea

#89 DIY Beach Bag

Summer is the season for lots of fun beach activities.

Assemble your own beach bag as a gift for your water loving family or friends.

They’ll truly appreciate it.

Check out this DIY No Sew Beach Tote by HOM.

#90 Student Gift Tags

Perfect for those end of year gifts.

Take a look at these 10 Free End of the Year Student Gift Tags


Here are few more creative summer DIY ideas you can use for different purposes.

#91 DIY Hanging Planters

Make a hanging planter from an old t-shirt with this inspiration from a beautiful mess.

#92 DIY Basket Pendant Light

Use this idea to add some more character to your home.

Create one for yourself using these instructions.

#93 DIY Ladder Shelf

Repurpose any old ladder into a book shelf or use it for extra storage.

Check out the following resources

– Leaning Tower of Shelves.

15 Gorgeous DIY Ladder Shelf Plans.

#94 Tire Furniture

You can turn tires into eclectic pieces of furniture.

Here’s some more pinterest inspiration.

#95 Tin Cans for Utensil Storage

Your empty tin cans can be reused for organization.

Repurpose them for utensil storage or more.

19 Super Cool DIY Projects You Can Do With Empty Tin Cans.

#96 Mason Jar Pendant Lights

Another great use for mason jars.

Turn them into light fixtures.

Here are some step-by-step instructions from Dengarden.

#97 Turn A Bicycle Wheel Into A Clock

Image courtesy of WikiHow

Whether you’re a bike fanatic or not, this is definitely something that’ll have your guests in awe.

Check out this wikiHOW DIY instructions.

#98 Repurpose Old License Plates

There are so many incredible uses for old license plates.

Here are a few ideas.

#99 Shutter Projects

There are so many creative ideas for upcylcing your shutters.

Here is a list of 25 DIY Shutter Projects.

#100 Reclaimed Wood

Similar to the shutters, there are so many things your can do with reclaimed wood.

It is a handyman’s best friend.

Check out these 34 Reclaimed Wood DIY Projects.

There you have it.

You’ve got a list of 100 Summer DIY projects to keep you busy.

Time to get to work.

Check out: 33+ Summer Hacks You’ll Love Working on

summer diy

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