10 Amazing DIY Outdoor Cabana Ideas That Will Transform Your Backyard

Building your own outdoor cabana isn’t only a fun project but it can transform your backyard into the perfect entertainment area for many summers and years to come.

Take a look at the following 13 ideas to gain some inspiration for your next outdoor cabana project.

1- Stylish PVC Cabana

outdoor cabana
Image courtesy of sunset.com

This cabana project comes courtesy of sunset.com.

The cost of building this pvc outdoor cabana is only $300 and with a little help, you can complete it in about 2 days.

Makes it almost a no-brainer when you think about the amount of value it can add to your home.

Click here for the instructions.

2 - (Mini) Copper Pipe Cabana

outdoor cabana
Image courtesy of Home Depot

This is more of a mini style so it is a little bit smaller than your typical cabana but perfect if you have a small outdoor space.

The project incorporates copper piping which can give your backyard that premium rustic feel.

This mini cabana was built by Carmona from Home Made By Carmona following a DIY challenge she accepted from Home Depot.

Click here for the full tutorial.

3 - Cozy Outdoor Cabana Lounge

diy cabana
Image courtesy of Jaime Costiglio

This cozy cabana lounge will transform your backyard into your next vacation spot.

It’s beautiful, relaxing and will have everyone fighting to spend time in it.

This DIY project is courtesy of Jaime Costiglio.

Click here for the instructions.

4 - Kids Outdoor Cabana

diy cabana
Image courtesy of Jen Woodhouse

Need something just for the kids?

This cabana is the perfect solution.

It looks so cute and will definitely make their friends a little jealous.

The inspiration for this kids outdoor cabana is from Jen Woodhouse.

Click here for the how-to guide.

5 - Outdoor Canopy Bed

outdoor cabana
Image Courtesy of Foxy Folksy

Here’s another beautiful outdoor project perfect for those sunny days.

This really is just a transformed daybed and it looks gorgeous.

It makes for a great shaded area to relax in.

Click here for the full tutorial from Foxy Folksy.

6 - Bamboo Styled Outdoor Cabana

outdoor cabana
Image courtesy of DIY Network

Building this cabana will definitely require a lot more dedication and elbow grease.

However once it is complete you’ll have your own resort-style backyard.

The bamboo fencing and bamboo caps give it a nice touch.

Follow the complete building steps over on DIY Network.

7 - "Cabana" Patio Makeover

Image courtesy of Fancy Frugal Life

Use this idea from Fancy Frugal Living to transform your patio into a perfect outdoor area for your next staycation.

Here’s the full tutorial.

8 - Outdoor Daybed

outdoor cabana
Image courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic

It’s a known fact that many people spend more time out of the pool than they do in it.

So if you want to turn your pool area into a beautiful getaway while creating an awesome deck area for people to lounge in, then this daybed is your answer.

It is another fun and inexpensive way to build that outdoor cabana you’ve always wanted.

Click here for the full tutorial and video courtesy of Shanty2Chic.

9 - Outdoor Cabana with Curtains

outdoor cabana
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Burns Design

This project is a great example of how to transform an otherwise ugly looking area into something awesome for everyone to enjoy.

It consists basically of a deck, the cabana posts, the curtains and the rods.

However as you can see, the end result still looks way better than just a dirt filled area.

Get the complete guide from Elizabeth Burns Design.

10 - PVC Pipe Summer Outdoor Cabana

Image courtesy of Simple Simon & Company

Here’s another simple pvc project for the summer.

The structure is lightweight, requires no complex steps to put together and can be very easily stored away as well.

If you’re pressed for time or just need something you can quickly assemble and disassemble then this is the way to go.

As you can tell it is also something the kids (and adults) will enjoy.

Click here for the full tutorial from Simple Simon and Company.

These 10 outdoor cabana projects are definitely a great way to build an awesome backyard retreat for family and friends.

Perfect for those staycations.

Be sure to check back for updated content to see if there may be any other projects you may be interested in.

outdoor cabana

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